I was attempting to install SEP on a server that was local to me, but remote to the SEP manager. The problem here is that the SEP manager generates a 90 MB package before pushing it out to the machine and starting the install. This would’ve taken a good bit of time to copy over the VPN to the server here so I decided to take a different approach. I had the installation media for an unmanaged copy of SEP that I installed on the server. From there, I opened the SEP manager, went to clients, and exported the communications settings into a file I named “sylink.xml”. Then I copied the sylink.xml file to the server here and opened the SEP client. Inside Help & Support, click Troubleshooting, and then import communication settings. This tells the client where to look for management. After waiting for a minute or two, I went back into Troubleshooting and saw that the client was looking in the correct location for the server policies.