When approving new updates for WSUS recently, the server I was working on ran completely out of space on its drive were the WSUS content folders were stored and this caused WSUS to crash. There is a utility located in WSUS’s ./Tools folder named WSUSUTIL.EXE. This utility can be used for many different WSUS tasks such as copying the WSUS content folders to a new location. The syntax for this is:

wsusutil movecontent contentpath logfile

contentpath = The new root for content files. This must exist ahead of time
logfile = The path and file name of the log file to create

Despite the name of the command, this does not actually “move” the content folder. It only copies the files and redirects WSUS to begin using this new folder instead. You will still need to clean up the old path. [more]

A full list of switches and commands can be found via TechNet: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc720466.aspx