I started receiving unwanted automated calls on my iPhone late one night.  Some automated calling service was calling my number about once an hour and there was only a recorded voice on the other side.  I needed to have my phone on and the ringer loud because I was expecting an important phone call early the next morning.  Muting the phone was not an option.  While searching for a solution, I found this website: [http://www.mylittleportal.com/call-block-cell-phone-number-iphone] “How to block any phone number on your iPhone for free”

The process is very quick, easy, and free:

  1. Download this silent ringtone to your computer.
  2. Open iTunes and copy the ringtone.
  3. Sync your iPhone.
  4. Make a new contact with the number you want to block and assign the silent ringtone to the contact.
  5. Get a full night’s sleep.