What do you get the paranoid schizophrenic who has everything?

An "EnhancedHardDrive" from Ensconce Data Technology, of course! Tired of destroying your hard drives at home the old fashioned way using fire/thermite? How barbaric! How messy! The EDT Enhanced Hard Drive will flood itself with an acid mist using up to 17 remote triggers, rendering the drive forensically unrecoverable. [more]

After talking with a customer about how to dispose of old hard drives, I started doing some research on different data disposal methods and I happened upon EDT's site. I doubt any of use will encounter anything of this level of security, but it seemed interesting so I thought I'd share. It seems like the niche market for a product like this would be pretty small, but I recently read that their sales goal for this next year is somewhere around 25 million. Someone's got something to hide :)