Frink is a java program that runs everywhere - Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, uh, except the iPhone. Basically Frink is a calculating tool and programming language.  Here are a few of the features the I like:

  • Tracks units of measure through all calculations.
  • Recognizes thousands of unit types and can convert between them.
  • Arbitrary precision math - huge floating point numbers, retains rational numbers with no loss of precision, works with complex numbers.
  • Does date and time math.
  • Can run under a web server and can generate HTML 5 code.
  • Knows monetary exchange rates, translates text between a dozen languages, reads and writes local files, web and ftp files, does graphics, object-oriented programming...

Frink is updated very often.[more]  It has been updated over 600 times since December 2001. The web site is at

There are several ways to run Frink.  Using that Java Web Start stuff is just too much overhead for me.  The way I run it on Windows is to just download the frink.jar file, and run a batch file to invoke it.  The batch file just has this in it:
cmd /c start javaw -jar c:\u\frink.jar