My laptop data backups to an external hard drive quit working.  I am using Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 and a scheduled backup would always result in a “bad username and password” error.

I double checked my windows domain credentials, created backup accounts and checked those credentials, used the default local administrator and checked those credentials. None of them worked.

Here is the solution from Acronis support: [more]

When you edit the manual backup plan to schedule make sure that you select the backup Location and renter the Online location credential and then move on to scheduling it and save it to perform the backup.
Once you edit the existing backup plan you would have to re-enter the location where you want to backup or else it would not take in the previous user name and password.

So basically, you have to change the backup location in order to get it to recognize the plan credentials.  Glad they had the answer. Don’t know I would have every thought to re-enter the location, since it wasn’t changing.