We had a banking customer with a FiServ application consistently crashing under Windows 10. The crash would always display a .Net framework error. All users of this application were having issues with it, but the severity changed from user to user. One user would crash once every couple of hours, while the other would crash once every other day. No user was doing the exact same thing, and no other errors were showing before the crash. It seemed to be a completely random occurrence.
FiServ support could not recreate the issue and advised we update to Windows 10 1803. While updating a PC to test this solution I checked the event logs and noticed a printer kept trying to map every 60 minutes and fail. It just so happened that whenever this printer failed to map, the .Net error would also show up on event logs. Group Policies were refreshing and triggering the printer mapping error. I launched the application and ran a "gpupdate" and sure enough, the application crashed. I looked into the GPO's and found the drive that was mapping the location of the program was set to "replace" instead of "update" or "create". This was causing the file path to be lost every time there was a group policy update. I changed this drive map to "create" and it resolved the issue.