Finding the right cybersecurity provider is not easy. While some services are like utilities where the options are very similar, the cybersecurity company that you choose is not just a matter of personal preference; you need a reliable provider because the potential risks to your business are much greater. As you consider your options, here are a few things you should consider to determine if a cybersecurity provider will protect your business.


Full Coverage – When it comes to cybersecurity, many products have a specific specialty and only work for a certain kind of device. A good cybersecurity provider should be able to install and support a solution - like Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) - that will aggregate multiple solutions to cover your entire network at a reasonable cost.

Complete Protection – Similar to products that only cover certain devices, there are solutions that only protect from attacks that come from the Internet and the cloud but are limited in detecting internal attacks. Be cautious of this and make sure you find a provider that will support solutions to detect and stop not only external threats but attacks from multiple sources. A layered approach to cybersecurity utilizing Intrusion Prevention Systems, Endpoint Protection, Email Filtering, Web Filtering, and Multi-Factor Authentication with comprehensive monitoring and reporting is ideal to provide complete protection.


A product like a SIEM will make meeting reporting and compliance requirements much easier. Most products generate reports or alerts from one type of device, which can be a headache when you are looking for a potential problem across your network, but a good SIEM solution can centralize your alerts and remove a lot of false positives. Ideally, your cybersecurity provider can provide guidance on the type of reports and alerts that are needed to satisfy your regulators.


Expertise – Along with the product, cybersecurity providers should offer additional services in the form of expert analysis and guidance. This is a crucial aspect to consider. You might not have a lot of experience on the complexities of cybersecurity, but when a problem or question comes up, will you know what do to? How much pressure can you handle during a security incident? A good cybersecurity company will have a team of experts that understands your network and can customize a solution to meet your needs.

Monitoring and Notifications – A good cybersecurity company can provide 24x7 monitoring and notifications at a reasonable cost. In the past, having staff to monitor security full-time was only an option for the largest companies. Now there are many cybersecurity providers with Security Operations Center (SOC) services to ensure that when any unusual behavior takes place you will be notified. A good cybersecurity provider should provide a written service level agreement (SLA) on their response times.


In order to have the most complete and reliable cybersecurity coverage, you need a cybersecurity provider that will offer you all the product and service positives that we've discussed here. Our company, CoNetrix Technology, checks all the boxes. If you need a good cybersecurity company, contact us today!