We have been migrating the users at one of our Lubbock IT support customer's locations to a Barracuda Web Filter.  A user reported a problem accessing an SSL site over the non-standard port 8080 (https://site.com:8080).  I found an article on Barracuda’s knowledgebase on how to allow this port.  The article said to go to Advanced->Expert Variables, but Expert Variables wasn’t an option in the web UI.  I called Barracuda support and they instructed me to put “&expert=1” at the end of the URL to reveal this hidden, super secret section.

It’s still a mystery why they hid this section of the UI, or didn’t put the instructions in the knowledgebase article..  There are several other options in this section that would be nice to change, like the SNMP community string (default “public”) and the NTP server.