Recently I was deploying Cylance for a customer. The first approach I took to deployment was to create a group policy that ran a batch script at logon. I set up the policy and then restarted one of the test PCs I was working with. The group policy was being applied, but the software was not installing.

My research suggested disabling  asynchronous processing of group policies. To do that, I went to Group Policy and navigated to:  Administrative Templates\System\Logon. There is a policy called Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon and when that is enabled, it turns off asynchronous processing. As soon as I enabled that, the install worked.

Not long after I applied that policy, the customer called and said their users were having issues with one of their applications not launching. After some investigating, it turned out that the program required that a network drive be mapped first, before the program could launch. Clearly the order of operations was broken when I disabled asynchronous processing. So, I turned it back on, but the trick about group policies is that you have to go in and manually fix anything that was modified in the registry. I fixed that and everything started working. Moral of the story is always remember the policy changes you make, just in case you need to go unmake them.