Windows 2008 terminal servers handle user profiles slightly differently than Windows 2003. 

  1. Windows 2008 (and Windows 7) profiles use a different format from previous versions.  You will notice in the roaming profile folder that you get a new folder with a .v2 extension; this is to prevent the new format from being applied to older OS’s.  Essentially, the user has two different roaming profiles; one for older OS’s and one for Windows 2008 (and Windows 7).  (\\servername\profile_share\username\tsprofile for older machines, \\servername\profile_share\username\tsprofile.v2 for Windows 2008 terminal servers)
  2. They finally manage to delete the user profile when the user logs off.  I’ve noticed two issues related to this.
    • The Users folder (formerly Documents and Settings) starts having multiple folders with the users name.  wcbtest, wcbtest.datacenter, wcb.datacenter.001, wcb.datacenter.002, etc.  The event log shows an error when trying to delete the profile folder, saying that it is not empty.  I have not looked in-depth yet; there may be a solution to this.
    • If you want to run the group policy results wizard, you have to do it while the user is logged in.
  3. If the roaming profile location is unavailable, the user gets a temporary profile every time.  On Windows 2003, you would get an error saying the roaming profile location could not be contacted (if I remember correctly), but the local profile would be normal.