A client recently needed to print a document to legal size paper. They selected the printer properties of their Xerox WorkCentre 7345 and changed it to the side feed. The next time the user tried printing an email it printed from the side feed. But when they printed from any other program the Xerox used the main tray. Initially I found that the user had saved an Outlook specific printer profile. I checked the settings when printing from Outlook and it showed the side tray. I changed it and saved and it would default back to the side tray. I deleted the outlook printer profile and it still defaulted to the side tray. I check printer defaults from other applications and the main tray was selected by default.

I changed the printer setting in Outlook to print Table Style and it printed from the main tray. I opened the print options in Outlook by selecting the Print Options button located below the printer selection. From there you can change settings specific to the Table or Memo Style.  I selected Memo Style and clicked Page Setup. [more]

In the Page Setup I selected the Paper table and the default paper source had been changed to the side tray. I changed it to automatic and exited the options menus. The Outlook Memo print jobs began using the main tray.

The user said they had never accessed that location when changing trays. So not sure how else that would have gotten changed. Anyway the print problem was resolved.