When configuring an HP JetDirect device, a common practice is to hook up the device and let it pull a DHCP address so it can be initially configured. Be aware that if you are using a DHCP scope with vendor specific scope options defined (either global or at the scope level), it will most likely cause your JetDirect device to configure its TCP/IP settings incorrectly. There is a bug in the JetDirect software that sets an incorrect subnet mask for the device which makes it inaccessible. Vendor specific options are not that common, however, any organization that has APC PDUs is likely to have one set because APC PDUs will not pull a DHCP address unless a vendor specific DHCP option “cookie” is set on DHCP option 43. To get the JetDirect device to work correctly, you must remove the vendor specific option, reboot the device, and then put the option back.