Blog: Jack Henry

When working with a Jack Henry application that required the use of a ‘localhost’ reference, it was discovered that the loopback ( address in the HOSTS file seems to be commented out by default in newer OS’s (Windows 2008 R2, Windows 7).  The solution in this case was to just uncomment the entry in the HOSTS file.

MS TECH RESPONSE: At some point in the future, as the world transitions from IPV4 to IPV6, IPV4 will be eventually be disabled/uninstalled by companies that want to simplify network management in their environments.
With Windows Vista, when IPv4 was uninstalled and IPv6 was enabled, a DNS query for an A (IPv4) address resulted in the IPv4 loopback (which came from the hosts file). This of course caused problems when IPv4 was not installed. The fix was to move the always present IPv4 and IPv6 loopback entries from the host into the DNS resolver, where they could be independently disabled."


I was recently helping a bank network support client install an update to a Jack Henry application named Yellowhammer. Normally we save the installation file to the network of that certain program just for organizational purposes. 

Upon reading the instruction I just save the .exe file to the user's PC because I wanted to see what files needed to be updated.  However, upon running the installation it just opened a GUI that setup a connection back to Jack Henry.  We closed out the program to begin saving the program to the network.  When we did this ALL THE DESKTOP ITEMS DISAPPEARED from the user's PC. [more]

After looking into what files were unzipped I came across a file name “cleanup.bat” which deleted whatever folder these files were located, and in our case it happened to be the Desktop folder. 

I am just curious as to what would have happened if I saved this anywhere else.  So for future reference, check for a cleanup.bat file in any Jack Henry Installation.