Email Compliance and Archiving

Email is an essential communication tool in today's business world. Important and sensitive messages are sent every day, so keeping a record of these messages is often a legal or Human Resources requirement. That's where email compliance comes in.

Email Compliance (often referred to as Email Archiving or Email Journaling) captures and stores all incoming and outgoing emails for historical reference.

CoNetrix has partnered with Mimecast to provide a robust and scalable email compliance solution. Features include:

  • Capture internal emails between employees, and external emails to and from the Internet.
  • A web portal for searching by name, subject, sent date, message content, and attachment.
  • Configurable security access to allow selected people to search across all mailboxes, while allowing users to search their own mailbox.
  • Customizable email retention; many companies keep messages for up to 7 years.
  • A "legal hold" function that allows some messages to be saved indefinitely for legal reasons.
  • An export function to extract selected messages and attachments for external review.

A side benefit to email compliance is that it encourages users to keep a smaller mailbox if they know they can access their messages through the compliance search portal..

CoNetrix Email Compliance is available for customers with on-premise email solutions, or customers using our hosted AspireMail service.

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