Social Media Compliance & Management Software

On December 11, 2013, the FFIEC released a guidance on behalf of the FDIC, OCC, FRB, NCUA, CFPB, and SLC titled "Social Media: Consumer Compliance Risk Management Guidance." The guidance is intended to help financial institutions understand potential compliance, legal, reputation, operational, and other risk associated with social media. As part of the guidance, it is suggested each financial institution have a risk management program to identify, measure, monitor, and control risks related to social media.

The CoNetrix Tandem Social Media Management software will assist financial institutions (e.g., banks, credit unions, trust companies, and mortgage companies) in developing and maintaining a risk management program. In addition to the written program, the Tandem Social Media Management software can help you:

  • Manage your social media profiles with one login.
  • Create a custom review process for authoring, scheduling, and approving posts.
  • Publish to all accounts from one secure site.
  • Track and limit employee access to your social media accounts.
  • Monitor social media sites for posts about your financial institution.

The CoNetrix Tandem Social Media Management software features three components:

  • The Risk Management Program helps develop and manage your financial institution's social media compliance and risk management program, including governance, policies and procedures, third-party management, employee training, oversight, audit and compliance, and reporting.
  • The Publishing tool allows you to create, approve, and manage your social media posts to multiple outlets from one location.
  • The Monitoring tool allows you to track and monitor information posted about your institution.


The CoNetrix Tandem Social Media Management software is feature-rich, including:

  • A program created and updated by security and compliance experts
  • Downloadable documents in Microsoft Word and/or Adobe PDF formats
  • Integration with other CoNetrix online software
  • New features and updates are automatically included with your annual subscription
  • Management of social media posts from one location
  • Simultaneous publishing to different social media sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)
  • Ability to schedule posts for a future date
  • Customizable authoring and approval workflow
  • Inappropriate content check
  • Google's Safe Browsing API*
  • Anywhere/anytime Internet access through a secure, online portal
  • Multi-factor authentication (optional)
  • Single Sign On (SSO) integration using SAML 2.0
  • Multi-user access
  • No software installation or equipment costs
  • Free training workshops to help familiarize you with the software

*The Tandem Social Media Management: Publishing component utilizes Google's Safe Browsing API to provide an additional level of security for our users who wish to use links in their posts. Google works to provide the most accurate and up-to-date phishing and malware information. However, it cannot guarantee that its information is comprehensive and error-free: some risky sites may not be identified, and some safe sites may be identified in error. Always use your best discretion when choosing to share any information on your social media site(s).