Telecom Assessment

A telecom assessment can help you identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities that could allow access to your network.

We perform a phone sweep by running an automated scan across all your organization's phone numbers to identify any modems that might allow an attacker remote access into the network. The scan dials each number and records the response that it receives. The goal is to identify unknown, rogue or maybe just legacy/forgotten modems, especially those that present a login prompt.

Results provided from the automated phone sweep scan include:

  • A list of modems detected, including a description of any identified attached systems
  • Screenshots of login prompts
  • Detailed evidence of any unauthorized access that was gained during the testing.

Custom Engagements

CoNetrix Security can perform an individual Telecom Assessment, or it can be included as an add-on to an External Penetration Test. Ask your account manager about packaging options to get the right testing engagement, frequency, and coverage for your company.

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