ISO Support and Consulting Services

CoNetrix offers ISO support services to supplement your financial institution's information security officer role with knowledge, background, training, and independence specific to the financial industry.

The FFIEC defines the characteristics a financial institution's ISO role should possess as "sufficient authority, stature within the organization, knowledge, background, training, and independence to perform their assigned tasks". According to the FFIEC, the ISO role can be performed by multiple people in order to bring these characteristics together[1].

Rather than outsourcing the entire role in a virtual ISO fashion, Boost ISO solutions are designed to complement the information security capabilities your financial institution already maintains.

Audit and Exam Assistance

Need help preparing for your next IT audit or exam? We can help you review, document, and organize relevant information before the auditors or examiners arrive. Our extensive experience, combined with our knowledge of technology, auditing, and banking, enables us to help you prepare. Additionally, when you receive the audit or exam report, we can help you respond.

Security Awareness Training

CoNetrix will provide your financial institution with training courses to comply with the annual requirement to conduct security awareness training.

Annual Board Reporting

CoNetrix will assist with the preparation and presentation of the financial institution's annual information security program status report as required by the FFIEC.

Supporting Security Services

CoNetrix can customize a solution to meet your technology, security, and compliance needs. Other services we can help with include:

Boost + Tandem

Part of this engagement is facilitated with a subscription to Tandem Policies.

Tandem Policies is an easy-to-use tool for managing your policies. Benefits include:

  • Employee Alert tool
  • Intuitive software
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Unlimited document storage
  • Anytime, anywhere accessibility
  • Multi-layered security

As a part of Boost Consulting, we will provide training and assistance with using the software.

The Tandem Policies product interfaces with the Tandem Risk Assessment product. By purchasing and using both products, your risk assessment will already include your existing controls. Ask your account representative about risk assessment services.

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