Response to COVID-19

With the rise of COVID-19, we find ourselves in unprecedented circumstances. As we work through this unique time in our history, we want to provide assurance to our customers by communicating CoNetrix's response to the COVID-19 crisis.

In order to follow federal guidelines and continue to meet the needs of CoNetrix customers, we are adapting our processes. Here is more information on how we are responding and adapting.

How is CoNetrix responding to COVID-19?

The CoNetrix Technology and CoNetrix Security teams are taking necessary precautions to keep our staff healthy and safe. Being a technology company with numerous remote workers already in place, we are in a unique position to continue service and operations in a remote capacity. Technology and processes are currently in place for employees to work remotely as needed. We are encouraging certain employees, positions, and job functions to work from home; however, we have not yet elected to have all staff work remotely. In the event we move to a completely remote workforce, we do not foresee a major impact on our customers or service. We are monitoring and following recommendations by US health organizations and will continue to adapt our business processes as new information comes out.

How will this impact my service?

As a general rule, we are not canceling scheduled projects if they can be performed remotely. We are providing our staff with the necessary technology and resources to continue to provide excellent customer support. If we have scheduled an in-person visit to your organization to complete a project, we will contact you to discuss the possibility of performing the same services remotely. If the project cannot be performed remotely, we will work with you to make appropriate arrangements.

Who do I contact if I need assistance or have more questions?

You can call or email your questions about our response to COVID-19 using the information below.

Phone Number: 806-687-8600
Email Address:

Additional resources about COVID-19


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