CoNetrix Unveils Fresh New Look

FreshNewLookCoNetrix launches their new website featuring a fresh new visual identity.

CoNetrix introduced a new look to their visual identity today with the release of their new, responsive website. The new look features a rebranding effort to better represent the CoNetrix brand as a “family of technology companies,” with updates to company and product logos, new tag lines, and a new color palette.

The new design incorporates an engaging and extended color palette representing the excitement and energy of technology while emphasizing long-standing CoNetrix values of trust and stability. “The extended color palette will enhance our marketing flexibility and allow us the freedom to design products with a cohesive visual appeal,” states Lauren Wiley, Creative Director for CoNetrix.

CoNetrix first unveiled the plans for new colors and logos to their customers at their annual K.E.Y.S. Conference in May. Although each CoNetrix division is now branded separately — each is part of the CoNetrix family of technology companies. The just-released version of their new website incorporates all these design elements and business philosophy. Wiley informed customers that while the new logos and colors appear today on the new website, it will take CoNetrix up to a year to implement these new designs in all areas of the business.

About CoNetrix: CoNetrix, LLC. is a “family of technology companies” as described in the tag line of their new company logo. With roots dating back to 1977, CoNetrix companies include: CoNetrix Technology, providing network consulting, managed services, and secure cloud hosting (product tag “Aspire”); CoNetrix Security, providing IT audits, cybersecurity vulnerability testing, and information security consulting; Tandem, security and compliance software for financial institutions; and nQativ, developers of Activity, an ERP solution providing accounting in “high definition”.

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