CoNetrix Security Rolls Out Cutting-Edge Audit Services

CoNetrix Security is excited to announce the launch of its new framework for conducting IT and cyber security audits. The updated IT Audit and Vulnerability Assessment ensures CoNetrix Security stays innovative in changing times. It provides financial institutions with a more comprehensive audit of cybersecurity controls while delivering the exceptional, actionable recommendations CoNetrix is known for.

The goals in this complete redesign of our audit framework include:

  • Increase focus on cybersecurity control verification.
  • Offer a modular program to ensure an audit scope that fits your specific needs.
  • Utilize the best standards (NIST Special Publications, the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Top Controls, manufacturer guidelines, etc.) and security industry best practices.
  • Better align the program with regulatory expectations (e.g. GLBA, FFIEC IT Exam Handbook, FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT), individual agency guidance).

Our increased audit scope now includes expansion in the areas of: Incident Response, Threat Intelligence Gathering/Usage, Asset Management, Patch Management, Cyber Event Detection, Monitoring Alerting and Review, Vulnerability Detection/Management, Vendor Management, External Connectivity, and more. For the full list of coverage, visit

"We want to help the financial industry with comprehensive products, so we listen carefully to financial regulators as we create our offerings," states Ed McMurray, General Manager for CoNetrix Security. "We aim to reflect a level of excellence and technical expertise that does more than provide a compliance checkmark on an exam, but actually helps fight an ever-increasing barrage of cyber attacks. The feedback we've received so far is positive and reinforces that this new audit framework is what is needed right now in the industry."

"Attackers are innovating, so we have to innovate," adds Russ Horn, President for CoNetrix.

With the new audit services from CoNetrix Security, financial institutions can expect a more comprehensive assessment of their information and cyber security controls, and come away equipped with actionable intelligence for their cyber defense program.

As of April 1, 2020, our new audit service is available to all customers who would like to use it. We will continue to offer the existing audit work program alongside the new audit framework until at least May 31, 2020.

About CoNetrix Security: CoNetrix Security is the security testing and consulting division of CoNetrix, LLC. CoNetrix Security serves financial institutions across the United States, performing more than 400 security engagements annually. Security testing services include: IT/GLBA Audits, Penetration Tests, and Vulnerability Assessments. Consulting services include ISO Support; development and maintenance of the institution's Information Security Risk Assessment, Business Continuity Plan, and Information Security Policies; assistance with the institution's vendor management program; consulting and services associated with the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool, and audit and exam management services.

For more information about CoNetrix Security, visit

About CoNetrix: CoNetrix, LLC is a family of technology companies and the parent company to CoNetrix Technology. CoNetrix Technology offers managed IT services as well as a suite of secure cloud computing offerings marketed as Aspire. CoNetrix Security provides information security consulting and testing to financial institutions. Tandem Security & Compliance Software® is online software helping organizations comply with information security requirements and regulations. nQativ® offers a suite of accounting software (ERP) modules to companies throughout the United States and Canada.