CoNetrix launches Aspire CloudRecovery as an Enhanced Backup Solution for Financial Institutions and Small Businesses

Aspire CloudRecovery was developed by CoNetrix to meet the virtual cloud and exchange hosting needs of security conscious companies.

Aspire CloudRecovery

CoNetrix, a leading provider of networking, cloud and banking technologies, is pleased to announce a new innovative solution for disaster recovery: Aspire CloudRecovery.

Many small-to-medium-sized businesses have applications that are critical to their operations. Losing access to these applications and data, even for a few hours, can have a huge impact on customer service and profitability. Acquiring backup hardware and software to be ready in the event of a disaster can be very expensive.

Through the Aspire CloudRecovery service, CoNetrix can host backup copies of servers and data for a fixed monthly cost. This “Recovery as a Service” (RaaS) provides customers the ability to access restored versions of their servers and data if they experience a local server or site disaster.

Numerous operating system platforms are supported such as all physical systems running Windows 2003 and later, most recent Linux distributions and virtual systems running under VMware and Hyper-V.

Aspire CloudRecovery can also be implemented as a managed data backup service without the disaster recovery option for a lower cost. Backup data can be saved locally at the customer site for no extra charge, dependent on hardware capacity.

Aspire CloudRecovery hosting provides daily managed and monitored incremental backups over the Internet using a secure connection to the Aspire Cloud. Once a year the service is tested through a simulated disaster. This provides peace of mind that data will be available and processes will continue to function in a variety of disaster situations.

About Aspire: Aspire is cloud hosting bundled with the trusted support and security offered by CoNetrix. Instead of housing bulky and expensive technology, clients can transition their applications and data to the enterprise-class computer infrastructure accessed securely via the Internet. CoNetrix is committed to an annual SSAE 16 examination in its performance in order to maintain its standards of security and deliver the highest quality in virtualized services to its customers. Aspire services include Aspire CloudServer, Aspire CloudMail, and Aspire CloudRecovery.

About CoNetrix: CoNetrix is a full-service technology consulting, security and compliance firm with roots dating back to 1977. Founded in Lubbock, Texas, CoNetrix now serves customers across the U.S., providing a variety of technology and security solutions, including online security and compliance software, IT audits, security vulnerability testing, risk management, technology consulting, cloud hosting, and managed services. Security is designed into all of its offerings, from its software to its consulting and network services. CoNetrix specifically serves financial institutions – such as banks, savings associations, credit unions, and trust companies – as well as enterprises requiring a high level of security in their operations.