CoNetrix enters the BankNews 2014 Innovative Solutions Awards

CoNetrix is pleased to announce three new products and services that are candidates for the BankNews 2014 Innovative Solutions Awards:

  • AspireDocs Secure Document Sharing
  • Tandem Audit Management online software
  • Tandem Social Media Management online software

The 2014 Innovative Solutions Awards, sponsored by BankNews, recognize companies that have introduced or significantly enhanced products designed to help community banks become more efficient, expand their capabilities and, ultimately, better serve their customers. The Innovative Solutions Awards are presented in four categories:

  • Equipment / Hardware Solution
  • Consulting / Outsourcing / Training Solution
  • Management / Operations / Processing Solution
  • eBanking (Mobile/Online) Solution

CoNetrix AspireDocs is a candidate for the “Equipment / Hardware Solution.” AspireDocs provides secure cloud file sharing and storage hosted within the Aspire Data Center, a trusted private IT environment. AspireDocs is a perfect fit for community banks needing a more secure option to share files among employees and customers.

CoNetrix Tandem Audit Management online software is a candidate for the “Consulting / Outsourcing / Training Solution.” Tandem Audit Management provides a centralized, streamlined method for financial institutions to manage, track, respond to, report, and conduct any type of audit or exam. When performed manually, this task is time-consuming and tedious. Numerous hours are spent copying, pasting, and formatting text from different reports, coordinating responses from many individuals/departments, and nagging coworkers to update responses. Tandem Audit Management replaces the inefficient portions of the audit/exam response process with a web-based management tool that allows financial institutions to focus on the valuable tasks of implementing process improvements, resolving audit/exam issues, and taking care of the customer.

CoNetrix Tandem Social Media Management online software is a candidate for the "Management / Operations / Processing Solution." Created out of direct input from community banks, Tandem Social Media Management was designed to help financial institutions effectively manage their social media activities and develop and maintain their Social Media Risk Management Program per FFIEC guidelines and industry best practices. Tandem Social Media Management includes a straight-forward process for completing a risk management program, posting to multiple social media accounts from one login, and tracking information posted about the financial institution.

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