CoNetrix Announces Boost Consulting Services

Boost ConsultingA new boost for the financial industry’s information security culture.

CoNetrix Security has provided information security consulting and compliance services for more than fifteen years. Now, those services have been revised and expanded under the new name of Boost Consulting Services. These services continue to focus on the needs of financial institutions.

Boost Consulting Services include:

  • Boost ISO – Information Security Officer support designed to complement the current capabilities of a financial institution. Various services available include incident response, employee security awareness training, annual report to the Board, security committee consulting, full information security program expertise and assistance.
  • Boost RA – development and maintenance of an Information Security Risk Assessment
  • Boost BCP – development and maintenance of a Business Continuity Plan
  • Boost POL – development and maintenance of an institution’s Information Security Policies
  • Boost VM – assistance with an institution’s vendor management program
  • Boost CAT – consulting and services association with the Cybersecurity Awareness Tool
  • Boost AM – audit and exam management services

As a bonus, Boost Consulting Services utilize the award-winning Tandem Software modules associated with providing the service. While CoNetrix helps develop and maintain the information security program, the customer also gains full access to all data and notifications through a subscription with Tandem. In addition to the software, every Tandem subscription includes training workshops, knowledge bases, unlimited storage, and presentation-ready documents in Microsoft Word or PDF formats.

When asked about Boost Consulting Services, Ed McMurray, Assistant Director of CoNetrix Security, said, “We have offered most of these services for many years as a part of our Information Security Program support. This work has provided invaluable expertise and knowledge. Now, developing the Boost strategy has allowed us to define and organize our services so it will be easier for our customers to get the most value out of the services. We believe Boost will enable us to do even more as we serve the information security needs of financial institutions.”

Boost terminology and branding will begin to appear on the CoNetrix website and documents over the next several months. While the branding is new, the infrastructure is already in place and CoNetrix experts continue to offer exceptional services its customers have come to expect.