Security Logging and Reporting

CoNetrix Network Threat Protection provides full-featured logging and reporting to address business and regulatory requirements. The next generation CoNetrix logging platform correlates data from several sources, acting as the “glue” for these services and providing a single point of administration and management for alerts across the network. Examples of these alerts include:

  • Active Directory reports and alerts for inactive accounts, invalid login attempts, password expiration, privileged accounts, and many more.
  • IDS/IPS security incidents such as SQL injection, botnet activity, port scanning, and large data uploads.
  • Internet content reports on blocked and allowed web sites, use of social media, and Internet streaming.
  • Email content filtering for blocked domains, bandwidth usage, and malicious attachments.
  • Correlated logs to expedite investigation into possible incidents and eliminate false positives.

Product Description for Security Logging and Reporting

Included features and services:

  • Log forwarding and customizable data retention
  • 24x7 monitoring and notification of logged security incidents
  • Active Directory and Windows server logging and reporting using Netwrix Auditor
  • Searchable event and alert database for forensic investigation
  • Optional leased hardware or virtual appliance from CoNetrix

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