Security & Compliance Consulting

CoNetrix offers various security and compliance solutions to help your financial institution (bank, savings association, credit union, or trust company) increase its security and compliance posture. A few of the services we offer include:

Risk Management

We can assist you with your information security risk management process from a product or vendor specific risk assessment to a comprehensive Information Security Risk Assessment.

Incident Response

Financial institutions are required to have an incident response program in place to protect their customers in the event of an incident. The program must include appropriate procedures to identify, contain, and control an incident, notify appropriate personnel of a suspected incident, and follow all applicable laws and regulations. CoNetrix can help you create your Incident Response Program and walk you through the process if an incident were to occur to help ensure you follow regulations, take care of your customers, and protect your reputation.

Exam Preparation

Need help preparing for your next IT exam? We can help you review, document, and organize before the examiners arrive. Our extensive experience, combined with our knowledge of technology and banking, enables us to help prepare you for your exam.

Strategic Planning

Information technology and security strategic planning is key in developing a strong and secure technology base. CoNetrix has the banking knowledge, understanding of technology, and security experience to help you design and implement a short-term or long-term technology and security strategic plan.

Supporting Security Services

In addition, CoNetrix can customize a solution to meet your technology, security, and compliance needs.

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