Security Logging and Reporting

CoNetrix Network Threat Protection provides full-featured logging and reporting to address business and regulatory requirements. The next generation CoNetrix managed security platform correlates data from several sources, acting as the “glue” for these services and providing a single point of administration and management for alerts across the network. Examples of these alerts include:

  • Active Directory reports and alerts for inactive accounts, invalid login attempts, password expiration, privileged accounts, and many more.
  • IDS/IPS security incidents such as SQL injection, botnet activity, port scanning, and large data uploads.
  • Internet content reports on blocked and allowed web sites, use of social media, and Internet streaming.
  • Email content filtering for blocked domains, bandwidth usage, and malicious attachments.
  • Correlated logs to expedite investigation into possible incidents and eliminate false positives.

Product Description for Security Logging and Reporting

Included features and services:

  • Log forwarding and customizable data retention
  • 8x5 or 24x7 monitoring and alerts for logged security incidents
  • Active Directory and Windows server logging and reporting using Netwrix Auditor
  • Searchable event and alert database for forensic investigation

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